If I don't use my account, does it get cancelled automatically?
No, we do not cancel your account just because you may not login to use it. You are responsible for canceling your account if needed. Consider this, if you go on vacation and don't use your telephone at home, the phone company will not cancel your phone service. Accounts may be canceled for non-payment.
How often are load and truck postings updated?
Information on loadjunction.com is updated in real-time 24 hours a day. Members can login to post loads or trucks, and the postings are made instantly. Postings can also be deleted or updated just as easily. Expired postings are deleted automatically from the database.
What if I forgot my login information?
Simply go to www.loadjunction.com, click on "Forgot My Password". Follow the instructions and the system will e-mail and sms your login info to the e-mail address and the mobile number you provided when you signed up.
How do I upgrade my account?
You have complete control over your membership online. Login to your account and click "Modify My Account" on your control panel. On the next page click "Modify My Membership Level" and follow instructions to cancel or upgrade your account.
Why am I not getting any responses on my postings?
Many factors are involved and usually include:
  • Posting do not include a "payment rate" value
  • Posting does not include a "weight" value
  • Posting is not "fresh". Ensure that your postings remain fresh. Members always look at when the load or truck was posted and rather call the ones which have been newly posted. For this reason we have developed a feature that allows you to refresh the age of the posting.
  • Posting does not include a contact number
  • Posting does not include additional details such as "overweight load, permits required", etc.
How can your load and truck matching services help me?
To make money in the transportation industry you need to be able to find Trucks or Loads when you need them. www.loadjunction.com is the Internet platform to do this for you. You can post Loads or Trucks in various ways. The website allows instant access to the service from any location computer. We help carriers keep their trucks filled. Always having Trucks and Loads available when you need them is the service provided.
What kinds of loads are posted on your loadboard?
All sorts of loads are posted on www.loadjunction.com. These include Flatbed, Reefer, AUTO, ODC, etc.
Are there any hidden charges or additional costs?
There are no extra charges or hidden fees. Membership is a flat rate on the basis of membership plan you opt for per month for your use. You can search and post as often as you like.
Does loadjunction.com charges me for my transaction?
All fees, rates, schedules and routes are issues between the truck provider and the load provider. Some load and truck postings have rate details. loadjunction.com has nothing to do with your in between transactions. It only charges the flat membership fee per month you have opted for.
Why advertise with loadjunction.com?
Everything you need to generate more business and increase sales! www.loadjunction.com is the trucking-industry marketing partner you can count on. We're committed to providing you with exceptional value for your advertising dollar by putting your company's name and product in front of prospective customers.
  • www.loadjunction.com is highly rated and featured in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.
  • Banner ads on www.loadjunction.com are seen by thousands daily, including carriers, owner-operators, brokers, shippers, etc.
  • Banner ads on www.loadjunction.com are visible 24/7.
How does radius posting works?
When posting a truck, you may enter the distance you are willing travel from your starting point in order to pick up a load. Also, you may enter the distance you are willing to drive from your destination point to drop off a load. For example, you can post a truck in Mumbai, MH with radius 200 km which takes into account Pune, MH with radius 150.6 Km. Radius truck posting broadens your posting and therefore allows you to find more freight to haul.