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Effectiveness of Information Technology in Logistics and Transportation Sectors

With the continuous development of economic ambiguity, the road carriers are facing declines in demand. Besides the operating and fuel costs are increasing day by day. The road carriers are forced to cut their costs, reduce capacity and cut back their operations. With overload capacity across most transportation modes the carriers are searching for getting favorable rates for loading truck, build up relationships and secure volumes. To cope up with all these issues, the most of the truckload carriers/truck loaders are seriously thinking to liquidate.

The information technology plays an important role for increasing the competitiveness in transportation and logistics sectors. The system can offers visibility to all modes of freight transportation system. Here all the activities are performed online and all the data are interchanged electronically. This enhances the communication system between load providers and truckload carriers to a great extent. So online logistics are gaining popularity all over the world.


Through an online system all the concerned people in transportation sectors like freight forwarding companies, freight forwarders get access to unlimited live information of loads and trucks in one centralized location and manage them in a better and organized way. The transportation professionals can easily manage vehicle scheduling, carrier selection, freight rate retrieval, shipment tracing etc.

The online load matching provides mutual benefits for load providers and vehicle owners. The Internet provides worldwide access. A consignor/load provider posts an obtainable load, and each carrier from all the over the world get the ability to view it within a second. Similarly if a carrier/vehicle/fleet owner posts an empty vehicle, any freight broker, traffic manager, shipper with accessible freight will be able to view that instantly.

Previously the above activities are performed through phone calls or through a broker and it was a time consuming process to compile data and get additional carrier capacity. Getting timely and accurate information was not always possible for decision making.

The online systems will provide real-time information with automatic communications capacity to find unlimited trucking loads and trucking information on PAN India basis.

One can integrate some routing software like PC miller with this online system to schedule plan, consolidate & organize lanes, change in routing and track shipment when multiple modes or carriers are involved. A transporter can make any last minute changes in routing and scheduling system if he finds congestation in routes.

In India some companies like Suain Logistics is integrating information technology with their system and launched an online portal alias to streamline the prolonged outdated process of Indian Logistics & transportation system. Thorugh, Suain Logistics is offering online freight matching services. All the people engaged in transportation sectors will get help with unique live IT database which provides enormous lists of truck loads and trucking equipments details and at the same time matches truck & loads online. Through this online truck load board, find truck loads, loads for truck and hire truck online easily. One can even contact load providers and owner operators directly and match their needs.


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