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Emergence of Ecommerce portals for Logistics and Transportation Sectors

Application of internet has been changed significantly in recent years as internet offers new scopes for getting in touch with worldwide marketplace.

With the progression of internet technology online business and electronic commerce have provided their footprints to make a fast and efficient solution for managing your order and payments.

Internet and ecommerce can computerize and fully integrate management of a delivery process. Ecommerce is considered as an innovative phenomenon that can offer a massive impact and remarkably modify the system for individual and companies together to control their business activities and allocate their product. The ecommerce system will be especially helpful for B2B and B2C sectors.

The electronic commerce can create totally new distribution systems that include various flow stream. Through an online ecommerce portal the customer can order various kinds of materials electronically and take delivery of the ordered goods rapidly than through customary distribution. The will bring shorter lead times, the removal of physical intermediaries/brokers and facilitate direct transport to far more destinations. Smaller orders are dispatched longer distance and the customers will be benefitted by saving their cost towards seeking, ordering and delivery costs.


Ecommerce will generate new business logic for the production & distribution and all the companies will experience greater business opportunities. They can arrange a general improved market for their products.

Ecommerce can unveil a completely new market for logistics and transportation sectors. Ecommerce can make the Logistics and distribution methods well-organized and efficient for all phases in all respects resulting the achievement of the companies.

An e-commerce model is utilized to specify the technique in which the logistics & transportation sectors will be directed in the future. The model will facilitate logistics sectors to acquire a bigger part of value chain. The logistics companies identify and create effective logistics solution to compete in the market place. E-commerce can draw a clear picture concerning the design and management of various conceptions for the physical distribution.

The large and new startup companies in the logistics sectors can know about products online and deal transaction electronically.

A completely new market will be unlocked for transportation and logistics companies enhancing the B2C relationship at an increasing rate. The goods will be transported directly from the producing company to the end customer raising the number of pickup trucks, smaller consignment.

Suain Logistics, Kolkata based Indian company has launched an online ecommerce portal alias to search for loads and trucks electronically via internet through a live database. This online portal will act as a forum for contact by bringing together truck owners/haulers with companies who need a transport for a specific capacity. Through this online portal the companies can provide their load details and the transporters can provide their trucking details. When a matching is possible they can contact with each other and negotiate to get the assignment. This online portal will make a connection between suppliers and buyers without being a transportation process.

Get access to thousands of vehicle shipments as well as instant connection with thousands of truck owners, transporters, brokers, company each month on PAN India basis and get real time rates of different routes. may provide a huge range of benefits like eradication of deadhead miles, getting good paying backhauls, find accessibility of all sizes and types (container, trailer, flatbed etc.) of trucks, comparison of real-time rates of various route, radius search for trucks and loads, instant truck and load matching, and so many..


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