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Green Logistics is creating huge scopes for minimizing your transportation cost

Now-a-days environmental awareness has been increased to a great extent amid corporate firms and logistics providers. In order to lessen the ecological footprint of products over their whole life cycle, some companies have started to plan for minimizing the amount of energy consumed, the level of greenhouse gases produced and the amount of cardboard & pallets utilized in the transport of parts and finished products.

Towards the fulfillment of their social responsibility, some companies have arranged their product design, procurement, manufacturing and logistics departments in such a manner to ensure that each department work in tandem to uphold a packaging improvement program. It produces a cascading impact since at the time of product package upgrading, the effectiveness of product loading to container is enhanced through reduced package sizes and maximization of loading competence is accomplished in the course of transportation variation – the entire will put in for lessening of ecological impact.

In recent times various environmentally conscientious companies have started the allocation of consignments among other companies to minimize their carbon footprint. This will augment loading efficiency as well as assist to centralize truck loading.


Environmental issues influence several logistical decisions all through the value chain. Environmental issues will be marked as one of the leading problems among logistics and supply chain management in the near future. Green logistics is gaining popularity in all the countries for a superior planning and synchronization inside a logistics system. It simply means how to utilize your resources (fuel and manpower) in an efficient way so that the carbon footprint is reduced. It provides an optimistic impact on the transport cost whereas lowering the environmental effect at the same time. It will be very useful for generating sustainable growth economically, socially and environmentally.

Some companies are taking the green logistics strategies like reprocess materials, reducing consumption, Utilization of greener modes of transport like rail and water transport, minimize time spent on the road through network planning, route optimization for increasing freight productivity, minimum stoppage routes.

Besides, Well-organized warehouse design can lead to minimization of vacant or partially vacant forklift trips which is ecologically advantageous because of improved vehicle operation. Freight consolidation of inbound loads will assist to lessen the number of partly loaded transport vehicles, consequently get better fuel efficiency.

Indian scenario

In India it is predicted that logistics and transportation will contribute 14 percent of the country’s total emissions by 2025. In India green logistics is at blossoming stage. Some logistics service providers are taking some effective schemes which will be useful for reducing carbon footprints.

Safexpress in recent times conduct a `Go Green’ branding proposal that consists of an ad campaign, direct mailers to customers, and messages on the boarding passes of Jet Airways and IndiGo aircraft.

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Author by: Rajib Dey


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