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Impact of Information Technology on Road Cargo Transportation

Information Technology can provide a great influence on the transportation activities. In order to get best result information technology should be incorporated with transport operations.

In Indian road transportation sector, the transporters always face some major problems with pitiable physical and communication infrastructure, lack of proper network and uninterrupted flow of information.

Proper utilization of information technology can solves all these problems efficiently. By utilizing information technology the Indian railway made a sea change in their ticket booking system. Indian Railway introduces IRCTC. In this system demand/payment/billing for transportation are made at one single point and allocations depending on orders are made at different points. Previously the booking of tickets (transport booking) was performed through individual stations derived from allotted quotas (inventory-accessibility of trucks and trailers).


Now-a-days Airlines are also utilizing information technology extensively by adopting some complicated computer programs to keep away from flying with any seats empty and to capitalize on the total net revenue to the airline. Information technology can also be successfully integrated with other third party integrated systems like makemytrip, cleartrip..etc.

In some countries Information Technology is integrated with highway toll system facilitating electronic tolling system in which tolls are collected straight from bank account or mobile account devoid of stoppage. Thus the truckers or vehicle owners will get rid of congestion at Toll barriers.

Recently some route optimizer software become very popular to track the shipment of vehicle. The truck drivers can easily locate their destination point to upload goods through their mobile. The drivers can easily be well aware of traffic congestion on way, alternate road, no entry zone etc. well in advance. These route optimizer software provides a wide array of benefits like automatic vehicle identification, image processing for traffic monitoring, road freight routing & scheduling etc.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is involved in transport especially in road and rail for the purposes of automatic identification and tracking. The system is also useful for EVR, congestion, and parking management.

Author by: Rajib Dey


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