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India will experience more advancement in transportation sector with Union Budget 2013-14

Union Budget 2013-14 focus on various development plans in Indian transport & logistics segments. Two new important ports as for instance Sagar in West Bengal and others in Andhra Pradesh will commence its work with the 100 mn tonnes of capacity.

Besides, there will be a new outer harbor belongs to VOC port at Thoothukkudi, Tamil Nadu. This project will include public-private-partnership expecting a huge investment worth INR 75 bn. After being completed successfully, the harbor will be able to include 42 mn tonnes of capacity.


The Lakhipur – Bhanga expansion situated at river Barak in Assam will be considered as the 6th national waterway. 5 inland waterways are being announced as national waterways. Barge operators are selected to carry outsized freight through the national waterways upon successful bidding. Expansion from Haldia to Farakka has been granted the first transport contract.

Other progresses include allocation of INR 5,000 crore to Nabard by Govt. of India for financing of warehousing, cold storage, godowns, silos to hoard agricultural produce, both in the public and the private sectors.

The government also declares Rs 5,000 crore extra equity infusion for overdrawn national carrier Air India in the next fiscal towards its turn around plan.

Air India will get the ability to produce Rs 1,318.60 crore through internal and extra budgetary resources (IEBR) in 2013—14.

Author by: Rajib Dey


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