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Minimize your freight charges - Some essential tips

If you have loads and you frequently utilize truck freight to haul your loads to your destination places and you face regular problems with higher freight charges then you have to take some useful steps to manage your freight cost.

In order to lessen freight cost you have to keep an eye on the movement of freight, make a justified negotiation with freight carriers and finally be abreast of applying the most up-to-date technology for logistics management. In this way you will be able to keep up your profitability.

One should take up the following useful steps for reducing freight charges: At first make a clear and transparent planning on the amount of freight to be transported and relating costs. To do this, consolidate freight movement in your company and initiate all departments to route inbound and outbound cargo through this consolidated point.

If inventory costs are included in freight charges then inspect it from time to time and make alterations in line with the purchase patterns of customer. In this way you can create an efficient approach by making regular communication among various departments in your company.


Utilize suitable state-of-the art transport management software according to your requirements. In this way you can computerize the cargo movement system which facilitates you to evaluate and scrutinize your freight charges time to time. You will also be able to utilize the database for creating any essential changes.

Make a brief discussion with your supplier within your country and request them for not sending duty delivery paid products. Also ask for separate bills for merchandise and freight. Thus you will be get rid of bearing handling charges and surcharges.

Monitor your cargo movement regularly and categorize all the packages by means of weight and rate rewarded to the freight carrier. Build a record of places as per the value of freight delivered or received throughout a month.

Make out the pick point and destination along with the authenticated zip code and find out if there is something atypical concerning the truck loading and unloading procedure at any location. Ensure whether the loading will be made manually or a power lift is required. Also confirm previously weather the pickup or delivery point is a residential location or a commercial one.

Before handing your shipment over to the freight carrier, conform how your shipment will be packaged and what will be the total ship weight counting any pallets that may be utilized. If any special packaging is require then it should be included in your RPF (request for proposal) information.

While making shipment the most crucial part is to classify the freight class number. There exit 18 freight classification levels and each are related with a pound-per-cubic-foot density. As much as the density will be increased the class number and the shipment charges will be minimized.

Ensure that you receive the copy of the classification system followed by the freight carrier in order to stay away from extra costs which may create any incongruity with the transporter.

Settle with your carrier regarding special pricing on freight to repeatedly shipped locations. Prepare a long-standing deal with the carrier to make sure that you are not for increased fuel charges.

If you transport through truck freight regularly, you must settle a master contract with an individual shipping company that offers discounts and additional charges. But if you belong to an irregular shipper, you should have made your deal with an online freight broker. You can also utilize Internet-based tools to comparison shop between lots of exceptional regional and national shipping service providers.

Author by: Rajib Dey


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