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Interview with Rajendra Singh - President of Bhavnagar Good Transport Association

Rajendra Singh

Share you experience with this association:

I am here in this post since last four years. President election is done on basis of personal qualification and experience. I started my career as a marketing manager. That time ‘Chungi’ system was there in transportation. Because of that we had to face many problems. Marketing manager used to send for ‘chungi’ clearance. Transport association was doing nothing for solving this kind of problem. It was the main reason that transporters in Bhavnagar decided to form their own association. Within the few months, we got an overwhelming response from transport owner and successfully resolve many issues like sales tax problem, traffic issue. Finally after several hassle with corporations this ‘Chungi’ system was abolished. Now we are planning to launch our official website for our association members.

How many members you have in your association?

We have 48 active members with our association. Out of that there are more than 6 members who own more than 100 fleets.

What are the basic problem you facing in transportation?

Look, there are many problems with toll tax and state regulation issues but at this moment robbery of goods from highway is become more concern full issue for us. Most of the time we face this kind of problem in Delhi- Kolkata route. This problem is relatively high in Bihar and UP as well.

What are the main events you have for your members?

Last time we organize our annual meeting and invited many chief guest form state level to higher authority. It was a very successful conference in last 35 years in Bhavnagar. Total 400 people joined in our last meeting. Apart from annual meeting we organize executive member meeting in monthly basis.

What is your opinion about our concept?

I have seen your website and go through all the document relation to that. This is an excellent idea. I think this concept will do well. I think that right approach to spread this concept among loader and truckers who own 50 to 30 vehicles will bring fruitful value. All this moment, they conduct business through traditional way and its will take time to change their mind set. Truck owners who are sending their trucks one place to another place, for them your idea can serve a greater value to their business. More over this is new idea so monopoly market advantage you can take.

How is transport business in your state at this moment?

We have light weight magnesium powder manufacturing plant in Bhavnagar and every day they do loading more than 20 trucks for all over India. There are many manufacturing companies like tyre, pharmaceutical e.t.c in here so loads are adequate in this place. On an average small and medium transporters do more than 30 lakh business in here.

How many transport association are there in Gujrat according to you?

According to my estimation there are more than 80 transport and truck owners association in Gujarat.

Any massage for us:

You must contact to the Akhil Gujrat Transport Association and join their annual meeting for presenting your idea. I think people in this place will appreciate your concept.


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