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Interview with S. Singh - President of Jamshedpur Transport Association

S. Singh

Mr. S. Singh - The president of Jamshedpur transport Association has given interview with loadjunction. In the Interview he shared many thought of transportation in Jamshedpur.

Share something about your organization.

I have Transport Company named Paliwal Carriers. We have 30 fleets including 15 tailors and 15 trucks. We operate all over India.

What is the present problem of transportation in Jamshedpur?

There are many problems like:

  • Tax is too high
  • Road condition is too poor
  • Low price of Service
  • Documentation process is lengthy

Poor rood condition is the main problem in here. Several times we asked to road authority to do necessary steps to resolve the above issues but still now there is no improvement of the situation. Government doesn’t pay attention to our concern.

How this association is helping their members?

We organize general meeting and executive members meeting. General meeting held once in a year and we organize executive meeting in monthly basis. In meeting we discuss about individual and general problems related to transportation and find the suitable way to resolve the problems.

Message for US:

I like your load matching idea. We will invite you to join our annual meeting. It’s a one day program and most of our members attend that meeting. So it will be a good time to spread your concept with in our members. Our General Secretary is Mr. A.C. Duby, he will furnish you more information about the event.


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