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Abhishek Gupta - 6 years of experience in Supply Chain Industry

Abhishek Gupta

I have worked with Shree Cement Ltd, Acc Limited. And I have had experience in primary and secondary logistics. I do feel logistics needs improvement at each and every handling of material. Especially good information management is key to utilization of all resources.

I have worked on reverse bidding program. Every transporter is free to dispatch any place. There should be common platform for every transporter to get bid freight. Customer can get advantage of demand & supply of truck and market movement.

Who are the big players according to you in this industry?

Acc Limited & Shree Cement Ltd. Both have individual platform of there own growth story.

What are the present problems of existing logistics system?

  • Getting specific market information related to
  • Load Available in market
  • Seasonable movements
  • Current market freights ( Increasing trend & downward trend)

What are the changes do you want in transportation process?

There should be good literacy system in Truck owners and derives so that they can aware there own benefits so that they can bridge the gap between customer and transporter. (Transporters – Commissions Agent). Are increasing cost to drivers and customers?

What kind of Information technology does this industry use? (Tell few names if your know use of any device, tools, application, software or services.)

  • ERP ( Enterprises resources planning)
  • Transporters information management
  • Market survey based study
  • Truck benefit and optimization analysis
  • Truck load process reengineering

How far transport associations are contributing for Supply chain Industry in India?

Transport associations are working for their own benefits. They have not bothered with truck owner cost. And customers cost.

Some time we can analyses that for some destination truck owner is getting huge margin on the other hand for some places customer is paying huge cost.

How do you like our concept?

No doubt this concept provides certainty to truck owner and driver for their profitability and beneficial to customer. Both can get huge benefits. And again this is called strong network of information system.

And information system is always provides tangible & intangible befits.

Do you think that load matching services will help various stake holders in logistics sector?

Definitely – No Doubt. Only proper use of information and time management can effect.

Any other concern:


  • Freight decision based on different fixed and variable costs are very useful.
  • Health plan, Education plan, Driving knowledge for drivers is very burning issue now a days . Since I have personally felt that no driver wants to see his own sun in this job ie: Trend of interest for this job is declining day by day. And after couple of years there would be scarcity of good drivers.

At that time Logistic Industry will be trusty. So every company, transporter, stack holder ( Every one related to this industry) should contribute their best to develop their resources.


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