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Interview with Anil Parmar - Supply Chain Industry

Mr. Anil Parmar has more than seven years of experience in Supply Chain Industry. During his tenure with Siesta Logistics, T & S Logistics & Om Logistics he gained wide spread of knowledge in Indian logistics industry and supply chain market.

What is your opinion about Indian Logistics Industry?

The logistics industries are emerging market in India and will increase its level of professionalism, party driven by strong commitment, technology and transfer of multinationals in the markets.

How do you like our concept?

I like the concept.

Do you think that load matching services will help various stake holders in logistics sector?

Many of the Management practices contribute to improving firms environmental Performance are developed in the area of Logistics management. It would be a good idea to carry out studies that would be able to collect the opinion of more than one manager in each Organization.

What do you think about IT industry role? Is IT industry enhancing the quality of logistics service?

It will play a major role in the future of Logistics Industries. I feel that logistics is a very rewarding industry which will keep on growing

Do you heard about any other load matching ecommerce portal in India?

Load matching ecommerce portal in India is very important back bone of logistics sector in India.

How is automotive logistics going to change by 2015?

Growth is throwing up some new and unusual challenges for logistics in India. New challenges include a sharp increase in sales going to rule areas and OEMS making commitments many more after sales services point.

What would be your key concern for Indian logistics Market?

I think that total cost analysis is the key of managing the logistics function. One of the major goals of the organization should be to reduce the total cost of logistics activities rather than focusing on each activity in isolation.


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