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Interview with Janardhana Reddye - 13 years of experience in Supply Chain

Mr. Reddye is an MBA Graduate, having experience in Stores, Inventory Control, Purchase, Logistics, Vendor Management/Development, Imports & Exports and Supply Chain Management activities for long years. He has experience with some repute companies like: Planet Scuba India, ANZ, Siemens, Britt Worldwide etc.

Where is Indian Logistics Industry at this moment –expectation and future?

Now Logistics Industry is growing very fast, due to online marketing (e-commerce) business and Multilevel Marketing. I hope future will be very very good in this field.

How do you like our concept?

This is very good concept, I have liked this concept, Also we can keep the system that will notify the customer about his consignment/shipment status on every stage through Phone/email. This gives the hope to customer about the shipment.

Do you think that load matching services will help various stake holders in logistics sector?

Yes, obviously will help the stake holders.

What do you think about IT industry role? Is IT industry enhancing the quality of logistics service?

IT will be playing the Major role since everybody has the access of the internet now a days, IT can develop the good system to connect with the customers.

Do your heard about any other load matching ecommerce portal in India?

No, I haven't heard about any other load matching ecommerce portal. This is the very good and smart idea.

What would be expected roles for load matching portals according to you?

This will help everybody in the loop from sender to receiver.

How is automotive logistics going to change by 2015?

It will be very huge.

How far publications are contributing to the logistics sector in India?

It is average. May be needed to release some more magazines.


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