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Interview with Lila Dhar Goyel - President of Hydrabad Goods Transport Association

Lila Dhar Goyel

Associated Road Carriers

How many members you have in your association?

We have around 200 members, all are transport owners.

When do you organize annual meeting?

We had annual meeting last month and we organize executive members meeting in monthly basis.

Tell us something about your association?

This association was set up 20 years back. President work duration is 2 years. This is my second year. The members yearly annual charges are about 6000/- and registration fees is 11000/ - for one time. We short out member’s problem regarding government regulation, check post, internal collision, personal issues e.c.t. 99% problem has shorted successfully as of now. If its government related related problem then we directly approach to a concern government department and try to resolve the issue. If someone doesn’t get his payment, we have a different committee who help out to resolve these issues.

Which company you are operating and how many fleets you have?

I have my own company named Associated Road careers Limited and we have around 350 feels which operate all over the India. We have offices all over the India, Head office in Hyderabad and registered office in Kolkata.

What are the major problems you face in transportation in Hyderabad?

There are many problems but the major is check post issue. It is the biggest problem with our state. Every where there is check post. Government should reduce the no of check post. Documentation process should be easy and smooth.

What would be your massage for Loadjunction?

This idea seems to be new and interesting. We would like to know more details about this and if you could come down with your presentation and demonstrate this before members if going to be helpful for us.


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