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Interview with Pradip Das - President of Guwahati Transport Association

Pradip Das

Mr. Pradip Das, Guwahati Transport Association President has given interview with Loadjunction. Guwahati Transport Association has 350 members in this year and there are near about 15 Associations in Guwahati. In this interview we revealed the surface transportation issuers and challenges from Mr. Das speech.

How many members you have in your association?

We have 350 members. Out of this 50-100 members are internet or IT service user.

Which are the routes the vehicle mostly operates?

Mallickpur, Tripura and Mizoram.

How do you like our concept?

You concept is very Good.

Do you think this kind of service will help the logistics industry?

Yes, Exactly

How many transport association are there in Guwahati?

Near about 12- 15 Associations; this is included trade, truck and passenger transport associations.

How to reach to them:

Most of the members don’t use email. So it will be advice able to visit them personally or communicate with them through postal letter.

When do have next members meeting and what would be our suggestion for us:

We have our next meeting after 4 months. Date has not fixed yet. We will intimate you, if you could come down, attend that meeting and present your concept before the committee members it will be worthwhile. We can provide you accommodation and time slot in meeting. We also publish annual magazine every year. This year it will be published in the month of August; so you can participate there with your piece of content and sponsor. This year is Golden Jubilee year for Guwahati Transport association.

What are big challenges you face in transportation in Guwahati?

Mainly we are dealing with surface transportation. We don’t have proper railway infrastructure transportation facility in here. This problem is not with Assam but with the north east region of Indian states like Sikkim, Arunachal, Nagaland, and Mizoram. The entire transportation depends on route transportation. The poor road condition and non -maintenance are the main issue with surface transportation in this region and more over corruption rate is very high by transporters and police department. Release charges is very high. It’s not 100 or 200 its more then 2000-3000 in any issue sky is the limit.

What are the steps you taking to minimize this problem?

We and our members are put forwarding agenda to government and concern department and hope we will see a better environment.


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