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Interview with R Sathesh Kumar - Experience in Supply Chain and SAP End User

Sathesh Kumar

Mr. Sathesh has Strong Experience in Supply Chain and SAP End User. During his tenure he worked for some reputed companies like HP, TCS, Redington.

What do you think about Indian Logistics Industry?

Indian logistics is in a good shape in global market.

How do you like our concept?

Concepts are good in our Indian Market & should be highlighted in global markets too.

Do you think that load matching services will help various stake holders in logistics sector?

End to End tracking of the shipment can be easily identified with the current module in logistics sectors.

What do you think about IT industry role? Is IT industry enhancing the quality of logistics service?

Revenue of government comes from IT Industries in current status. Quality and enhancing on logistics role in IT market supports well in our industries.

Do your heard about any other load matching ecommerce portal in India?

This is new to our market and has a much informative collections.

What would be expected roles for load matching portals according to you?

Planning Execution on proper timing with the EC end.

How is automotive logistics going to change by 2015?

Automotive companies getting good shape now in market. There is will be good change by upcoming years.

How far publications are contributing to the logistics sector in India?

Publications are supporting logistics in well manner. Growth of market can be easily viewed by online publications.

Any other concern:

Good Concept like this should come to India.


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