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Interview with Shyaml Dasgupta - General Secretary of Truck Owners Association of Bengal

Shyaml Dasgupta

Mr. Shyaml Dasgupta - Elected 4 times as a General Secretary of Truck Owners Association of Bengal. The association is running since 1988.

Truck Owners Association of Bengal

Share something about Transport Trade in West Bengal?

In 1970’s I came into this business with Dasgupta Transport and couples of years goods transport was a good momentum for me. But now scenario has changed a lot due to over competition, damping price, and non availability of goods or loads.

I cut down my business size due to huge credit to bankers. Due to lack of industrial intervention there is low production size in our state and this is the main problem of in transport business in west Bengal.

Second issue is the low cost of transportation. This problem is due to demand supply gap. Most of the lorry do not get regular load and there are huge competition in the market between lorry owners. No of players is rises day by day due to mobility of technology. Now who carrying a business card and has connection with concern people he becomes a competitor for this business. Logistics are also the new form market entry strategy.

Due to all this reason Goods transporters are moving toward passenger transport or other type of business. Even Sometimes transporters not releasing money in proper time or changing hire amount to truck owners for any kind of damage or misuse. Unloading changes sometime bear partially or fully by truck owners.

How many members you have in your association at this moment?

There are all total 3000 members in our association with 7000-10000 total fleets. All the members are truck owners.

What are the annual changes for membership?

Association charges Rs. 300 for annual membership charges.

How do your association helping the members?

This association is a business organization. If anyone face any problem, they come to us share the problem with us. Then our members take initiative to resolve the issue regarding any hassle arises between the parties, unfortunate events, unfavorable government policies and regulation or problem due to

  • Proper Papers
  • Problem with underweight or over weight
  • Check post harassment
  • Sales tax gate

What are the main events and meeting you organize for members?

Our association organizes executive meeting after two months interval, General meeting in every year and Member’s Conference in 3 years interval basis. We are also the members of AIMTC, a transport associational, all India basis. Mr. Balsal is the present president of Eastern India and we participate state level meeting or discuss with him.

What is your opinion about our load matching concept?

This idea is good to me. I would appreciate if you able to provide the load to truck owners with right price. Proper price quote and genuine contact will be considered as an important issue in this service. Last time conference was successfully organized in Mahajati Sadan in 2010. This year the conference will be held on August or September 2013. We will invite you to join our program where you can demonstrate this concept before our members. I hope they will like it and take the benefit of this service.


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